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Mirimichi Green Announces Inaugural Sustainable Program Member Award

Castle Hayne, NC – January 23, 2017 – Mirimichi Green has awarded Broken Sound Club, in Boca Raton, Florida, with the first Mirimichi Green Sustainable Program Member Award. Broken Sound Club has taken a lead in the golf industry to make every step of their agronomic program sustainable.

The Old Course at Broken Sound has been the home to the PGA Champions Tour Allianz Championship since 2007. The original Broken Sound Club, now affectionately known as the “Old Course”, was founded in 1978 and designed by Joe Lee. Gene Bates completed a redesign of the Old Course in January 2004, then again in the summer of 2014. The redesign in 2014 began due to long-term issues, but it gave Broken Sound Club the chance to set goals to be more environmentally responsible and reduce their environmental footprint.

Mirimichi Green first noticed Broken Sound Club’s sustainable efforts in March of 2014 and was impressed by the club’s mindfulness of their community and the surrounding environment. After meeting with Shannon Easter, the Director of Golf Maintenance, to discuss the benefits of Mirimichi Green’s sustainable products and how it could benefit their program for The Old Course, it was clear that the two companies were a perfect fit. The products and the soil were tested and a superior golf maintenance program was formed.

“We are seeing results from the use of Mirimichi Green’s CarbonizPN Soil Enhancer and liquid fertilizers in enormous proportions with reduced fertility rates, longer nutrient retention, and less nematode activity. Mirimichi Green’s product is now part of our annual agronomic program here at the Broken Sound Club,” said Easter.

Broken Sound Club set their sustainable goals and practices them rigorously. Their focus is on integrated pest management, proper chemical and fertilizer practices, environmentally friendly landscaping, water conservation, water quality, energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste management, wildlife habitat conservation and enhancement, and the list goes on.

Broken Sound Club didn’t stop with just improving their own program, but they encourage and educate others to do the same. Shannon Easter said, “Because golf courses have such a negative perception with the general public, we constantly reinforce our professionalism, our commitment to the environment, and our dedication to precise and effective natural resource and integrated pest management. During the season, I instruct a monthly membership educational program. The topics are designed to share our environmental programs with the membership in hopes that it will inspire them to participate.”

Russ Britton, CEO of Mirimichi Green, said, “We would like to thank Broken Sound Club for including Mirimichi Green products in their efforts. Keeping the environment as a priority in any maintenance program is what we are all about and that is why we, at Mirimichi Green, would like to present them with this award. We think that Broken Sound Club is taking the golf industry in the right direction and exemplifying how natural and sustainable products can work better than the harsh alternatives.”

Mirimichi Green products improve resource conservation while delivering outstanding performance and lasting benefits. Not only do the products provide results, but the products are environmentally friendly and can be incorporated into turf program.

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