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  • Granulars

    CarbonizPN™ Soil Enhancer

    CarbonizPN™ is a soil amendment blend of proprietary carbon-rich biochar and premium organics. CarbonizPN™ creates the perfect home for root establishment, permanently improving soil structure and biology.

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  • Pesticides

    Mirimichi Green Pest Control

    Mirimichi Green Pest Control is a powerful and effective formulation that controls pests in any area, all while being safe and all natural.

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  • Pesticides

    Weed & Grass Control Ready-To-Use Spray

    Weed & Grass Control ready-to-use spray is a nontoxic herbicide that is OMRI listed and registered organic for residential, commercial, and non-crop uses.

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  • Pesticides

    Weed Control Concentrate

    Mirimichi Green Weed Control is a nontoxic herbicide that is OMRI listed and registered organic for residential, commercial, and non-crop uses.

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  • Liquid Fertilizers

    Nutri-Kelp (1-1-4)

    Nutri-Kelp is 100% cold-processed Norwegian sea kelp containing antioxidants for reducing plant stress and increasing drought tolerance.

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  • Liquid Fertilizers

    Nutri-Turf (3-2-3)

    Nutri-Turf liquid foliar fertilizer is a proprietary formulation for turf and native grasses that contains an ideal balance of nutrients distilled to 400 Dalton size so grass can immediately absorb benefits.

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  • Liquid Fertilizers

    Tree & Shrub (3-2-3)

    Tree & Shrub, a proprietary formula for trees and ornamentals that contains an ideal balance of NPK. Tree & Shrub is distilled to 400 Dalton size which allows plants to absorb nutrients immediately and boost growth.

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  • Liquid Fertilizers

    Release Zero

    Release Zero is an organic liquid soil enhancer. Its complete and effective formula contains organic compounds and micronized liquid carbon designed to optimize absorption, feed plants, and surrounding soil while improving the performance of any insecticide, fungicide or herbicide.

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  • Liquid Fertilizers

    Release 9-0-1 C

    Release 9-0-1 C is a bio-stimulant unique among broad spectrum fertilizers. Release 9-0-1 C combines micronized liquid carbon and organic compounds that is readily consumable by soil biology and resistant to decomposition.

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  • Liquid Fertilizers

    Nutri-Release (2-0-2)

    Nutri-Release is a bio-stimulant and broad spectrum fertilizer that supplies the food necessary to immediately boost plant growth. Nutri-Release delivers a highly concentrated mix of organic compounds to the microscopic pores in roots and leaves through our patent-pending nanotechnology.

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  • Granulars

    CarbonizPN™ DJ Fine Grade

    CarbonizPN™ DJ Fine Grade is a refined, powder-like soil amendment that is ideal for blending into sand mixes, topdressing and aerification.

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Mirimichi Green Announces Carbon In All Liquid Products

Mirimichi Green has announced that their liquid carbon is being mixed in all of their liquid fertilizers and bio-stimulants.
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Mirimichi Green Adds New Hires To Team

Mirimichi Green, a premier manufacturer of revolutionary and sustainable landscape products, today announces that two new members have been added to the Mirimichi Green team. Erica Backus is the new Product Analyst Intern and Michael Gill is…
Mirimichi Green Pest Control

Get Rid Of Bugs With Mirimichi Green Pest Control

Are pesky bugs disrupting your outdoor areas? Mirimichi Greens Pest Control is the solution with proven efficacy and safety. This all-natural formula controls: Mosquitoes Ticks Fleas Ants Roaches No-see-ums Chiggers …
topdressing with soil enhancer

Spring Tips For Sod And Topdressing Applications

Curious about Mirimichi Green products but don't know where to start? Mirimichi Green can help! Below are two basic Spring applications to try using Mirimichi Green's CarbonizPN Soil Enhancer, a soil amendment blend of premium organics and…
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US Equestrian Federation Announces Mirimichi Green as an Official Sponsor

By: US Equestrian Communications Department Lexington, KY – The United States Equestrian Federation (US Equestrian) is pleased to announce Mirimichi Green Express as an Official Sponsor of US Equestrian and an Official Partner and Cross-Country…

Golf Course Industry - Injecting Different Theories

The maintenance rituals of aerification and topdressing are fixtures in the world of golf. Superintendents are exploring alternatives to traditional aerification.
Mirimichi Green pest control is all natural and effective.

Mirimichi Green Introduces Pest Control Products

Mirimichi Green is introducing a new line of pest control products that are all-natural and will control and kill pests. Mirimichi Green is offering four different formulations to their customers: Mirimichi Green Pest Control -…
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How To Keep A Christmas Tree Fresh And Green

You have a Christmas tree! Now it's time to prevent your tree from losing all of its needles and keep your Christmas tree as fresh and green as the day it was cut. But, how? With Mirimichi Green's Tree & Shrub!
Green roof offers benefits for environment

Urban Sustainability Is Growing

Green roofs and walls are gaining popularity in urban developments. This unique landscaping trend is more than just an architectural design, it provides the base for plants to positively impact polluted urban and suburban environments.

From our customers…

Mirimichi Green customers consistently come back to us with positive experiences!

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“I started using Mirimichi CarbonizPN Soil Enhancer a couple years ago with my landscape installs. I was a little skeptical at first because I was unfamiliar with the product. I used it on a large install in the middle of August in KY. The results were astonishing! I did not lose a single plant and my labor for watering was tremendously less. I am now using this product on all of my landscape and sod installations and getting amazing results!”

Cindy England Somethin Bloomin December 8, 2016

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