Weed & Grass Control Spray

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Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control is offered in a convenient ready-to-use spray bottle – there is no dilution necessary. It is a non-selective herbicide with residential, commercial, and non-crop uses. It controls weeds in homeowners gardens, driveways, patios, and flower beds. It is registered for public uses such as municipalities, right-of-ways, sports fields, golf courses, and natural habitats. Applications also include weed & grass control in farmsteads, turf farms, production greenhouses, native grasses, ornamentals, and trees grown for production. The formulation is an easy-mix concentrate. No surfactant is needed. No translocation is necessary as the herbicide kills on contact. Since Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control is rapidly broken down in soils, there is no chance for environmental buildup or runoff into ponds and streams. It is OMRI listed for organic production—it is a great natural alternative to traditional herbicides.

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Weed & Grass Control Spray Product FAQs

Does your product contain glyphosate?

No. Our weed controls are free from harsh chemicals such as glyphosates. 

Why is it important for a product to be OMRI listed?

The Organic Materials Review Institute provides guidelines and guidance about what materials are allowed to be used in organic operations. You can read more about OMRI here

What’s the main active ingredient of this spray?

The primary ingredient in Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control is Ammonium Nonanoate which is similar in composition to soap salts. It is safe to be used around people, pets, and livestock when used as directed. Ammonium Nonanoate is also biodegradable, breaking down quickly in the soil, so there’s no chance for buildup or runoff.

Is this an organic product?

Yes. It is OMRI Listed.

Is this the same Weed Control as the Mirimichi Weed Control Concentrate that professional landscapers use?

Yes. This is the same great professional grade weed control we sell as a concentrate in an easier to use, pre-mixed spray bottle.

Will this harm desirable plants?

Not when used as directed. It will not kill plants it is not directly sprayed on because it does not leach through the soil.

Does this product migrate through the soil or translocate in plants?

No. Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control does not migrate through the soil or translocate. You can target specific weeds or grasses without worrying about it leaching through the ground to harm other plants.

Do I need to dilute Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control Spray before using it?

No. Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control comes in a ready-to-use spray. You can also buy a concentrate that will need to be mixed prior to use.

How fast can I expect to see results with Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control Spray?

You can expect to start seeing results in as little as 15 minutes. Final results can be seen 48 hours after the application.

Does the product work better in warmer or cooler temperatures?

The product works fastest in warm, sunny weather, but it is still effective in cooler climates.

How much spray will I need to use to control weeds?

The amount of weed vegetation will determine the spray volume required. You need to saturate the foliage and stems to control the weeds.  Other conditions that affect the spray coverage are the number of weeds present, leaf shape, weed size, and weed species.

When should I apply Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control Spray?

In general, you should apply Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control when the weed surfaces are dry. Avoid application when weeds are wet from dew, rain, or irrigation.

How long should I wait to irrigate after applying Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control Spray?

You should wait two hours after applying Mirimichi Green Weed & Grass Control before irrigating.

How long do I need to wait before letting people/animals re-enter the area?

Always let the product completely dry before letting people and pets re-enter the treated area.

Weed & Grass Control Spray Product Ingredients

Ammonium Nonanoate

Ammonium nonanoate functions as an effective weed and grass killer by targeting the cellular structure of plants. 

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