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Mirimichi Green Weed Control is a fast-acting, nonselective, organic herbicide that can be used for residential, commercial, and non-crop uses. It is a great natural alternative to traditional weed killer products. Mirimichi Green Weed Control is ideal for controlling weeds in gardens, greenhouses, walkways, farmsteads, and flower beds or spot treating around ornamental trees, bushes, flowers, and landscaping beds. Mirimichi Green Weed Control is registered for public uses such as municipalities, sports fields, and golf courses. The product is known to be safe to use around people and pets when used as directed.

The formulation is available in an easy-mix concentrate and in a ready-to-use spray. The product does not require a surfactant and will start showing results after just 15 minutes. The powerful organic formula acts on contact and is rainfast in two hours after drying. Because Mirimichi Green Weed Control is rapidly broken down in the soil, there is no chance for environmental buildup or runoff into waterways and it will not leach through the soil to harm desirable plants. The EPA registered and OMRI Listed product is sure to control and burndown annual and perennial weeds and grasses.

Mirimichi Green Weed Control is safe to be used around people, pets, and livestock when used as directed; review the product label for instructions.

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Weed Control Concentrate Product FAQs

Does your product contain glyphosate?

No. Our weed controls are free from harsh chemicals such as glyphosates. 

Is Mirimichi Green Weed Control an alternative to RoundUp?

Yes, Mirimichi Green Weed Control is a fast-acting, organic alternative to RoundUp or other traditional weed killers that contain harmful chemicals like glyphosates.

What is the active compound in Mirimichi Green Weed Control?

Mirimichi Green’s Weed Control active compound is ammonium nonanoate, a broad-spectrum contact herbicide with no soil activity. Similar in composition to soap salts, any residues left behind by ammonium nonanoate don’t exceed levels of fatty acids found in commonly eaten foods. 

Why is it important for a product to be OMRI listed?

The Organic Materials Review Institute provides guidelines and guidance about what materials are allowed to be used in organic operations. You can read more about OMRI here

How does Mirimichi Green Weed Control work to kill weeds?

The active ingredient dehydrates the plant by stripping away the weed’s waxy cuticle. 

Is it odor free?

No, it is not odor-free. But it is not as harsh as many synthetic products. 

Will this product cause build-up in the soil?

The active ingredient in Mirimichi Green Weed Control is biodegradable, breaking down quickly in the soil, so there’s no chance for build-up or runoff.

Does Mirimichi Green Weed Control kill the roots?

No, it does not kill the root. It is a contact weed killer, rather than a systemic weed killer.  

What’s the difference between a systemic herbicide and a contact herbicide?

Some herbicides move (translocate) within the plant. Systemic herbicides translocate once they are taken up by the leaves, stems or roots. Herbicides that do not move after they enter the plant are called contact herbicides.

Is Mirimichi Green Weed Control for household use or only for landscape professionals?

It is used by many landscape professionals and is also enjoyed by home landscaping enthusiasts who want a weed killer free from glyphosates.

Do I have to apply this product in direct sunlight or on warmer days?

The product works fastest in warm, sunny weather, but it is still effective in cooler climates.

How soon is the product rainfast?

It is rainfast within two hours after drying. 

How soon can I re-seed after applying?

You can reseed 24 hours after applying Mirimichi Green Weed Control. 

How fast will I see results with Mirimichi Green Weed Control?

In hotter temperatures, you can start seeing results in 15 minutes.

Where can I use this product?

This product works great in greenhouses, walkways, farmsteads, landscaping beds, gardens, parks, golf courses, and commercial turf and grounds

What equipment should I use to apply it?

We recommend that you use tractor powered field-type sprayers or manual pump sprayers like hand-held, boom, pressure, and hose-end sprayers.

Will it kill other plant life besides weeds?

Yes, because it is a non-selective herbicide, it will kill any plants that it is applied to. 

Will Mirimichi Green Weed Control kill germinating weed seeds?

Because it is formulated to have less build-up in soils, Mirimichi Green Weed Control does not provide any residual weed control in the soil to affect germinating weed seeds.

How much product will I need to use?

The application rates vary depending on what weeds you need to kill. Please see our product page here to see our recommended rates for different plant heights. 

What weeds are killed by Mirimichi Green Weed Control?

It kills annual and perennial broadleaf and grass weeds, spore producing plants such as liverworts. For a full list of weeds controlled or suppressed please view the label here. 

Does Mirimichi Green Weed Control keep weeds from coming back as well?

No, it is a post-emergent, so it only kills weeds on contact that are growing.

How long do I need to wait before letting people/animals re-enter the area?

Always let the product completely dry before letting people and pets re-enter the treated area.

Weed Control Concentrate Product Ingredients

Ammonium Nonanoate

Ammonium nonanoate functions as an effective weed and grass killer by targeting the cellular structure of plants. 

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