Nutri-Kelp™ (1-1-4)

Nutri-Kelp™ takes the benefits of kelp to the next level. Nutri-Kelp™ was developed by combining 100% cold-processed Norwegian sea kelp and essential nutrients to resolve the soils nutrient deficiencies. Nutri-Kelp™ liquid fertilizer is less than 400 Dalton size (smallest on the market). This patent-pending nanotechnology optimizes absorption, growing stronger root systems, abundant produce, and richer foliage. Nutri-Kelp™’s beneficial nutrients combined with potassium creates a powerful, proprietary formula that optimizes the correct pH level protecting your plants and soil from the harmful exposure to heat and chemical extraction.

Key Industries

  • Landscapes

  • Sports Fields

  • Equine

  • Erosion Control

  • Golf

  • Parks and Recreation