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Lawn Winterization: Tips for Healthier, Greener Turf Next Spring

Thanks to Ron Henry at GolfCourseLawn for featuring Essential-G in his latest video on Winterization. Check out his video below. He covers the reasons why you might want to consider a late-season application of a soil amendment like those from Mirimichi Green.

As Ron mentioned, late fall and early winter are the perfect times to focus your efforts on:

  • Resupplying the organic content the soil has been using
  • Helping the soil conserve beneficial nutrients
  • Developing healthier soil that resists erosion
  • Avoiding soil compaction

One thing Ron didn’t address in his Georgia-based video, is the salt runoff mitigation benefits a winterization program can offer in colder climates.

So for homeowners itching to be out in the yard or garden again, a winterization treatment can be a great excuse to get out there. One that can pay dividends in spring with quicker greenup for less effort.

For landscape professionals, winterization is an opportunity to sell an additional application during the slow season that makes things easier on their crews come springtime.

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