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Peat Moss

Peat Alternative During Shortage And Beyond

In 2020 and 2021, the beginning of the supply chain issues and product shortages began and the extreme shortages of peat moss have continued into 2022. Most suppliers are already out of peat moss for the year and do not expect inventory until another harvest during the mid-summer at the earliest and even that supply will be limited. The shortage has also caused the price of available inventory to skyrocket. To help complete the projects that require a peat application, finding a competitive and effective alternative is key. 

Peat Moss

Peat is used in root zone construction mixes, gardening, planting mixes, and blanketing new seeds. But is peat truly serving a purpose other than being a filler for soil mixes or keeping seeds secure from rain, wind, or other environmental factors? No, peat has little to no nutrients to offer and is not eco-friendly.

Don’t Take Carbon, Add Carbon

Groups such as the International Peat Society says the mining of peat moss is a culprit for depleting valuable carbon from the soil and releasing massive amounts of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. However, the argument that peat moss is a renewable resource falls flat because the growth rate is extremely slow and it can never replenish itself at the speed and quantity it is being harvested.

Luckily, there are more sustainable, effective, locally sourced replacements readily available to amend soils and blanket seed. 

Peat Moss Alternative

Mirimichi Green provides 2 products that outperform peat and are sustainable; CarbonizPN Soil Enhancer and Mirimichi Green Peat Alternative.

CarbonizPN® Soil Enhancer, known for being one of the best professional-grade soil amendments on the market, is the ideal option for those seeking an alternative to peat. CarbonizPN Soil Enhancer with CarboMatrix Technology™ is composed of activated carbon (inoculated biochar) and premium compost that reduces compaction, drives root growth, increases fertility and water absorption, and improves the structure of the soil.

Mirimichi Green Peat Alternative is a sustainable compost created to be a better option and replace peat during the shortage and beyond. It is enriched with CarbonizPN Soil Enhancer as well as peanut husks and shells. Plus, all inputs are sourced in the USA from renewable and readily available materials. Mirimichi Green Peat Alternative will protect new seeds from natural erosion and accelerate germination. The compost and biochar combination adds body to all soil types giving the roots room to easily develop.

Not only does the high-quality compost and biochar in CarbonizPN and Mirimichi Green Peat Alternative increase germination and root growth, but it is all domestically sourced and reduces and solves several environmental issues. 

Less Product, Less Money, Less Labor, Less Time Per Application

Unlike peat, a little bit goes a long way with Mirimichi Green Peat Alternative and CarbonizPN. Typically peat spot seeding applications recommend using a 2-inch layer for the seed, but these alternatives don’t require that much coverage to be effective; a light layer is plenty to give the new seeds and soil biology the nutrients for quick germination and deep root growth. Each application will require less product, saving you time and money on each application.

To easily compare attributes of standard peat, Mirimichi Green Alternative, and CarbonizPN, view the table below:

Standard Peat  MG Peat Alternative CarbonizPN
Coverage in sq. ft. per bag 700-1,000 sq. ft. 1,500 sq. ft. 2,000 sq. ft.
Price $ $ $$
Reduces Compaction Yes Yes Yes
Increases CEC Yes Yes Yes
Retains Water Yes Yes Yes
Promotes Drainage Yes Yes Yes
Impact to pH Acidic Neutral Neutral
Light Weight Yes Yes No
Nutrient-rich No Somewhat Yes
Produced Domestically No Yes Yes
Environmentally Sustainable No Yes Yes
Renewable Resource No Yes Yes
Readily Available No Yes Yes


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