Mirimichi Green Core Technologies

CarboMatrix, NanoRelease, and ByoSpxtrum

Mirimichi Green products perform so well because of high-quality ingredients, careful manufacturing, and the following unique technologies.

CarbonMatrix Technology

What is Mirimichi Green’s CarboMatrix Technology?

Welcome to the matrix!

A “carbon matrix” is formed when activated carbon is inoculated with our premium organics, providing a fantastic environment for microbes in the soil and an optimal nutrient delivery system for plants.

CarboMatrix Technology underpins many of our pest performing products, including our soil amendments and natural fertilizers

What is Mirimichi Green’s NanoRelease Technology?

Release the power of nano-technology!

Products with NanoRelease contain nano-sized nutrients (less than 400 Daltons), optimizing absorption and making nutrition available to the plant through both leaves and roots.

Micronized biostimulants do more than feed plants and soil biology. They act as a catalyst, improving the performance of many other inputs (even pesticides) improving your return on investment in those products.

NanoRelease Technology is the unique foundation of our liquid Biostimulants + Fertilizers.

What is Mirimichi Green’s ByoSpxtrum Technology?

ByoSpxtrum is a complex combination of microbes and known soil and plant amending ingredients combined with critical enzymes and the most effective microbe food sources. These ingredients make indigenous beneficial microbes explode in numbers in the soil, improving organic matter in the soil, promoting the breakdown of thatch and other dead plant matter into usable nutrients.

Plants need more than the few so-called superstrains of beneficial bacteria and fungi. They need a wide variety and diversity of microbiology, which ByoSpxtrum delivers. The vast complex of microbes in ByoSpxtrum helps plants grow efficiently and effectively at all stages of growth. Unlike other soluble powder inoculations on the market, ByoSpxtrum activates to full life in seconds due to the proprietary process that avoids stunning or harming the microbes. ByoSpxtrum is comprised of components that are 100% non-GMO and non-synthetic, and it is approved for use on certified organic crops.

ByoSpxtrum is available as a standalone product and is used as a key ingredient in several other Mirimichi Green products.

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