Weed Control Concentrate

  • Results in 15 minutes!
  • For control or burndown of weed/grasses
  • Leaves no harmful residues
  • Effective weed control in cooler climates
  • Readily biodegradable
  • For organic gardening

Mirimichi Green Weed Control is a nonselective herbicide with residential, commercial, and non-crop uses. It is registered for public uses such as municipalities, right-of-ways, sports fields, golf courses, and natural habitats. Applications also include weed & grass control in farmsteads, turf farms, production greenhouses, native grasses, ornamentals, and trees grown for production. The formulation is an easy-mix concentrate. No surfactant is needed. No translocation is necessary as the herbicide kills on contact. Since Mirimichi Green Weed Control is rapidly broken down in soils, there is no chance for environmental buildup or runoff into ponds and streams. It is OMRI listed for organic production—it is a great natural alternative to traditional herbicides.