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Superintendent Shannon Easter Shares Project Overview at Broken Sound Club Using Mirimichi Green

Shannon Easter, the superintendent at the Broken Sound Club in Florida, discusses the success Mirimichi Green products made during maintenance, construction, and more. He discusses how biochar/carbon has positively impacted the sustainability of the courses. From Dryject applications to topdressing with a sand mix, Shannon goes into detail about how he is using Mirimichi Green products.

Key Topics

  1. Use of Mirimichi: Shannon Easter discusses the experiences and benefits of using Mirimichi at Broken Sound golf course and how Mirimichi products were used to improve the soil and help the environment. Shannon was initially skeptical but was convinced after testing the product in various areas, including around lakes, to see its effectiveness in holding nutrients in the soil without contaminating the water.
  2. Algae Treatment: Shannon discusses his experience with treating algae in South Florida lakes. They used to treat their legs for green algae every month, but after using a carbon treatment, they no longer have to do so. Treating the algae not only saves money but also has a positive environmental impact by keeping nutrients in the soil instead of letting them go into the watershed.
  3. Soil and Water Quality: By using a technique to hold nutrients in the soil longer and prevent them from entering the watershed, the amount of fertilizer needed has been significantly reduced. Disease pressure has also decreased.
  4. Water Savings: Shannon says using Mirimichi products has resulted in significant water savings, reduced maintenance costs, and improved turf quality.
  5. Carbon Levels: The video also discusses the difference in carbon levels between desert and ocean soils. It highlights the importance of measuring and monitoring carbon levels in soils, as well as considering factors such as clay and silt content when determining the amount of carbon needed.
  6. Investment and Sustainability: Shannon discusses the future and financial impact of the project – huge savings! See the video for details.
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