Nutri-Release (2-0-2)

  • One of the most advanced nutrient and biological enhancement systems
  • A natural microbial food source, bio-surfactant, and nutrient solubilizer
  • Solubilizes present minerals and chelates them into plant available form
  • Promotes rapid production of protozoa, fungi, and hyphae for superior soil health
  • Safe to apply with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and other fertilizers

There are fertilizers and then there is Mirimichi Green Nutri-Release. Nutri-Release is a powerful and effective broad spectrum fertilizer and biostimulant containing organic compounds that are designed to deliver the essential elements plants need in order to survive. Nutrients in Nutri- Release are less than 400 Dalton size and its patent-pending nanotechnology optimizes absorption and makes nutrients available through roots and leaves. Because of  Nutri- Release’s high concentration of rich organic compounds, it will improve water retention and water quality. Nutri-Release does more than feed plants and surrounding soil, it improves the performance of any insecticide, fungicide,  or herbicide, extending your investment in these products. Do more than fertilize. Improve the environment and increase your bottom line every time you apply Nutri-Release.


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