CarbonizPN™ DJ Fine Grade

It’s never been easier to get a soil amendment into the soil profile! CarbonizPN™ DJ Fine Grade is a refined, powder-like soil amendment that is ideal for blending into sand mixes, topdressing and aerification. CarbonizPN™ DJ Fine Grade is a professional blend of premium organics and USDA certified biobased carbon. It remains in the soil to increase fertility and water retention while decreasing nutrient leaching and compaction. By incorporating CarbonizPN™ DJ Fine Grade into a maintenance program, root development and soil health will increase and the need for fertilizer inputs and irrigation will decrease. All of this is attainable because CarbonizPN™ DJ Fine Grade promotes a healthy, long-lasting biological rhizome. Try the carbon-rich soil amendment for golf courses or athletic fields construction and maintenance.

Key Industries

  • Sports Fields

  • Golf

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