Nutri-Turf (3-2-3)

  • A proprietary formulated treatment for turf and native grasses
  • Nutrients are fully complexed and chelated to less than 400 Dalton size for immediate uptake
  • Promotes rapid production of protozoa, fungi, and hyphae
  • Contains a broad spectrum of nutrients and trace elements for superior soil and leaf biology
  • Safe to apply with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and other fertilizers

Mirimichi Green Nutri-Turf is specifically formulated to help existing lawns and native grasses thrive. The liquid solution contains an ideal balance of nutrients distilled to 400 Dalton size (the smallest size on the market) so grass can immediately absorb the benefits. Nutri-Turf resists photochemical breakdown from the sun’s rays and maintains a neutral charge, preventing unwanted reactions with other chemicals.Spray Nutri-Turf directly onto turf grass and know you are delivering complete, targeted nutrition with minimal waste. Nutri-Turf is ideal for

  • Lawns
  • Athletic fields
  • Schools
  • Recreational fields
  • Parks
  • Golf courses
  • Roadsides