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Mirimichi Green Launches New Product

Mirimichi Green Personnel Expands

Meet Vera Gasparini and Michael Guran

Mirimichi Green Makes Donation To The City of North Las Vegas

John Ortega, John Runiks (City of North Las Vegas)

John Ortega, John Runiks (City of North Las Vegas)

Joe Kneip Park in the city of North Las Vegas, Nevada, underwent a complete makeover in conjunction with NRPA’s 2015 Annual Conference.

This is where NRPA’s Parks Build Community comes into play. Made possible through generous donations from companies that make parks better, Mirimichi Green helped give Joe Kneip Park a mega-dose of TLC. After two months of surgery, the new Joe Kneip Park is looking and feeling great, ready for another few decades of hard work for a hardworking neighborhood.

The new soccer field has grown exceptionally lush and resilient thanks to Mirimichi Green’s donation of CarbonizPN premium soil enhancer. The new soccer field will transform the open field into a gathering place for the community to cheer on neighbors and friends.

Mirimichi Green Saving Lawns in California.

CASaving water slide

Mirimichi goes to Congress

The NRPA Congress, that is! We prefer those that actually get work done.

The Mirimichi Green team was pleased to be an exhibitor at the 2014 NRPA (National Recreation and Park Association) Congress last month. The conference, which hosted more than 7,000 parks and recreation professionals, ran from October 14-16 was held right in our back yard in Charlotte, NC. As the industry’s largest trade show, participating in NRPA Congress was a great opportunity for us to network with our peers, share best practices, tell the Mirimichi Green story and get some invaluable face time with our clients. Thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth…we look forward to seeing you at the 2015 event in Las Vegas!


Mirimichi Green at NRPA Congress

Mirimichi Green joins in the action at Tree Planting in Louisville KY

Love Louisville Trees let us join in the action this weekend at a tree planting in Louisville, Kentucky.  The city currently has a roughly 20% tree canopy, whereas the average American city has closer to a 40% tree canopy.   This event involved a huge crew of volunteers planting 150 new trees in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood.   Read more